The Westerly Legend


The late Jackie Arine, founder of Westerly Kennels, was at a California horse show in the early 1980's. She was so impressed and intrigued by the Jacks that she then set about acquiring her foundation dogs with the attributes she most desired and associated with the ideal JRT. 

Thus the conception of Westerly Jack Russells was born.

Jackie and her mother raised, trained and bred racing Thoroughbred horses and she applied her knowledge of bloodlines and conformation to creating her line of Jacks.Her mother also raised quality poodles and Jackie worked for veterinarians which all factored into the success she achieved with the development of her Westerly line. Jackie had an ideal image of a Jack Russell and dedicated over 25 years perfecting it...

Westerly Jack Russells became very well known in the Jack Russell world, producing some of the best foundation stock sought after by breeders of these little companions...names like Popcorn,( her last breeding stud dog), Two Eyed Jack, Buffy, Daisy, Westerly Max, Nert, and Cord, are dogs to brag about if contained in your dog's pedigree. A Westerly JRT has a lot going for it...great temperament, wonderful calm demeanor and a certain sharp look and conformation. They are also very focused, smart little dogs. Too many Westerlys to count have become recognized stars in the arenas of Obedience, Fly Ball, Earth Dogs, Agility and even stars of the Silver Screen! 

They are known for their look, you can spot a Westerly Jack Russell on sight...a head to die for, gorgeous ear sets, good bone structure, nice short compact builds and good straight legs. They are inherently healthy as an added benefit! Jackie hand picked all her breeding stock through the years and these Westerly Jack Russells are just plain and simply the BEST. Whether you are a breeder looking to add all these qualities to your breeding program, or a family looking for that perfect pet, these dogs are tops. As the century turned Jackie was saddened by all the political nonsense surrounding these little "shorty" Jacks and refused to join any club with their rules and regulations...Jackie was as politically incorrect as her dogs, but in the best possible way! 

I was fortunate enough to live about 30 miles from Jackie's last home here in Idaho. I had purchased some of my very first dogs from her. Shortly before her passing she offered me her remaining kennel of Westerly breeding stock. How could I say no! I was honored that she would entrust her precious line to me. Jackie was my mentor and my foot in the door; to the finest JRTs and now we are so past the door;...we are a house of Jacks! We are proud of our dogs and wish to thank Jackie for all she has contributed in their development! We believe the Westerly Jack Russell Terrier is superior to any Jack Russell, or English Jack Russell, or Russell Terrier out there! We invite you to experience a Westerly JRT first hand.