Our Jack Russells

High Meadow's Top Gun

Smooth coated tan and white male from Farr West Kernel and Westerly Sassy. Good old Westerly bloodlines. Maverick is 10.5 inches tall.

High Meadow's The Real MacCoy

Smoothm coated tan and white male ...our home bred boy. Very nice stocky build, Mac is 10 inches tall.

DBF Jack Sprat

Broken coated male from exceptional breeding! Our new outcross  stud. Spratt has produced some beautiful pups!

High Meadow's Twitter

Twitter is a tan and white, smooth coated female from pure Westerly breeding plus a tad of Russellville thrown in for good measure.

High Meadow's Iddie Biddie

Iddie is from our breeding of our lovely Westerly lines with Russellville Kid Kolt added to the mix. A very sweet smooth coated tan and white girl.

High Meadow's Starlight

Star is that, a star! Bred from Westerly lines, and Russellville Kid Kolt as her sire. She is a beautiful smooth coated tri-color beauty.

High Meadow's A Rose By Any Other Name

Rosie is a sweet tri-color female from a breeding of Salty Jacks Scout to our Yukon Jack. She is just too smart for her britches! 10.5 inches tall.

High Meadow's Punkin

Punkin' is from a breeding of Twitter and Maverick. She is a very pretty smooth coated tan and white girl. We are very pleased with her!

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