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High Meadow Terriers is nestled amongst the mountains in scenic North Idaho, about an hour from the Canadian border.

We selectively breed and produce excellently built "Shorty" Jack Russell Puppies (AKC Russell Terriers) with a pleasing compact build, good bone structure, great head and ear sets. They are guaranteed to be temperamentally sound, happy and healthy! Our Jacks are bred from proven old established lines that are inherently healthy, you can't find a better companion anywhere else, hands down!

Cairn Terriers at High Meadow are that perfect little "Toto" dog of Oz..

They are fun loving companions, whether you are 8 or 80! Our Cairn Terrier Puppies all have excellent pedigrees from top AKC Champion lines, and are a joy to behold! Cairns are hardy little terriers that are very affectionate, intelligent and have fun loving temperaments. 

Our Breeding Program

We are always striving to improve our lines with every puppy in every litter we produce. We want to offer our adoptive families that perfect puppy that will grow into that perfect pet both in temperament and conformation.


High Meadow Terriers has over 16 years of experience with these terriers. We are here to offer help and support throughout your puppy/dog's life.

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High Meadow Terriers

Please contact us for directions, GPS doesn't always work out here in the wilds of North Idaho!

(208) 263-1168


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Sunday: Closed unless other arrangements are made and confirmed.