High Meadow Terriers
We are home to the last of the legendary Westerly Jack
Russells!   Westerly Kennels have retired from breeding their
wonderful Westerly Jacks. We are proud to have acquired the
last of the Westerly Jack Russells and to be able to continue  
breeding the best Jack Russell around!
We believe the Westerly Jack Russell Terrier is superior to
any Jack Russell, or English Jack Russell, or Russell Terrier
out there!

We invite you to experience a Westerly JRT first hand!

The English Jack Russell Terrier, or Shorty Jack, is very
intelligent. They make great pets but they also need discipline
and plenty of exercise. Owning a  Jack is owning a big dog in a
small body, (or a four-year-old child even in their old age!).
They prefer to be with you 24/7. They love to sleep with you,
hunt with you, ride in the truck with you, work with you, laugh
with you and cry with you. They are the definition of a
companion dog!
On your worst day they can make you smile. English Jack
Russell Terriers are a challenge, they own you, you do not own
them. If we can learn one thing from them it is to live life to the
We selectively breed and produce excellent Shorty  Jack Russell Terriers
with short compact builds, good bone structure, great heads and ear sets.
They are guaranteed to be temperamentally sound, happy and healthy! Our
Jacks are the perfect family companion or show competitor, and are bred
from proven old established lines that are inherently healthy.
Jacks are a mixture of Dennis the Menace with some Little Rascals thrown in
for good measure, and are a delight to be around with their natural clownish
attitudes- however, when they are out in the barnyard after a rodent, they
are all business. These little bundles of energy are great companions who love
to be with you at all times. At High Meadows we are committed to raising
healthy, good-natured pups for folks to adopt. We love all our dogs and each
one is special to us. Our desire is for our pups to  go home with loving and
responsible owners and we work hard towards that goal.

Our Cairns are right beside their friends the Jacks, ridding the barn of mice,
chasing after squirrels. They love the outdoors and only come in when they are
called. They are fun loving companions, whether you are 8 or 80! Our cairns
all have excellent pedigrees from top lines!
High Meadow Terriers is nestled
amongst the mountains in scenic
North Idaho, about an hour from
the Canadian border.
Breeding the finest quality Jack Russells, and Cairn Terriers!